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I dream a lot about things like chemtrails, and really evil and disturbing machinery behind the skies, and the scenes.

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I also sense that the Volcanic activity is due to the Earth being angry at how it is treated. Does India go to Mars and the moon?

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Will lop get built or will its main use be changed to refueling? Is there a second sun? Yet you also mention in your video that a new centrist party emerges and Corbyn strengthens?

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Surely if the Tories win and a new Centre party emerges, then Corbyn can only weaken? To help the US government quell the civil unrest. In a subsequent video he said that that was a wrong prediction as it did not happen. Since the Naadi leaves predict the same, could it be that this event is still in the future? Regarding the Naadi leaves owned by Thomas Ritter and translated from ancient Tamil: the leaves talk about the current great disconnect between the actions of the political leaders and the needs and wishes of the general population, mass immigration into Europe, economic decline, increasing poverty and civil war in European countries and the USA.

The leaves mention an attack on the Vatican and a period of darkness in the northern hemisphere after a volcanic eruption. Many European prophets, past and present, and even the Hadith 9th century companion to the Koran talk about a three day darkness in our time. There are many other events predicted by European prophets that correspond with predictions in the Naadi oracle. Interestingly, the Naadi leaves talk about a civil war situation in the USA.

Hence troops from the neighbouring country in the north i. Canada will help the US government. Acharya Sri Maharishi makes his prediction about to timeline as — Asiatic Richness, European Poorness due to migration and American Instability. There was an article in the Daily Mail on a deep crack in the ice shelf there are just 6 miles to go before the iceberg calves and it will be foot long.

On the 15th October Daily Mail also reports the pregnancy that was predicted. The deal will concern arms, high tech services, and the motor industry. Hi Craig. I really enjoy yours and Janes youtube channel. I found your predictions to be quite accurate, especially about Hawaii.

I love reading these and often look again for any updates. The world seems to be lurching in to ever more chaos. I hope that things do improve with the war situation overall. We really do not want more war, what we need is peace, harmony and for all the third world countries to be stable and for those people to have the same opportunities as those in the western world.


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Then there will be peace. He had some Naadi leaves translated by a retired professor who understands the symbols used in the leaves. The prophecies are published on his website and they talk about the coming changes in Europe. Bearing in mind that the original Naadi leaves are thousands of years old, the prophecies are absolutely mind-boggling and corroborate prophecies from other sources. Hi, thanks for your work. Only time will tell I guess. The racial tension and right-wing riots are increasing across Europe. Do you think UK will face similar problems as well.

Lord Kalki accordingly will rule the earth wisely and justly for Years. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get a copy of his prophetic texts called the Govinda Vakyas. Is this the seer who envisaged the world turning upside down with the moon and planets in new places. In the age he foresees babies being able to speak to their mothers and temples coming to life? He talks of a messiah too I think. As I say, unfortunately, I do not have enough information to make a proper comment.

Please feel free to add another comment about this. Another blog on Sree Veerabrahmendra Swamy prophecies. I have no illusions about the Islamic world. Anybody who has read the Koran knows that it is a book of violence teaching violence against infidels. The Koran appeals to believers to conquer foreign lands and subjugate the natives. The last time the West has successfully forced out Islam was in at the Gates of Vienna.

As a result, European civilisation could flourish and develop freedom and democracy. This time Europe will take a much more sinister turn, and a dark and bloody age will follow.

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As Europeans we have stopped believing in our own values. We are certainly not willing to defend them in this postmodern age of cultural relativism. We have become complacent and take our freedoms for granted to the extent that we cannot imagine any other circumstances. In future, Europeans, including the UK, will be truly tested. They will have to decide which values they believe in and what they are prepared to defend.

Dolores Cannon wrote three books about Nostradamus. The Anti-Christ will destroy Rome so thoroughly that the seven hills of Rome will be flattened.

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Interestingly, other psychics , such as Julie McKenzie have recently said that the seven hills of Rome would be levelled. I have recently started reading the first Nostradamus book by Dolores Cannon.

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Cannon was a hypnotherapist who transgressed her research subjects into a somnambulism if trance. This is the state in which all people become clairvoyant and have access to past lives, history and lost knowledge. In the book, he is described as a very good looking and charismatic leader who will use deception to fool the West. His intention is to conquer and islamicise Europe and he will have many successes. The happenings in Italy are very concerning.

Do you have detailed prediction for Italy? You are right to believe about a flu out break. Both A and B strains hit in the US back to back and many died. I have 17 years experience in medical lab work. Everything else she told me has come to pass except this last prediction. Perhaps this event is close at hand, yes agree could be man made. Bravo for listing prediction remedies — you are so right that much can be changed through the positive thinking, compassion and acts of kindness. Do you see a World War 3 happening soon? May I ask you your estimated date of world war 3 and how we can as a normal person prepare for the inevitable?

I have never predicted a World War 3. I have however appeared a number of times on Russian television and warned of a conflict occurring between Russia and America. I hope to post these prediction videos on my YouTube channel soon.

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I think they are trying to drag the UK into a conflict with Russia. John Hogue explains very well why the American economy needs perpetual war. It is all so cynical it frightens me. Craig, I think your dream about Balmoral is symbolic rather than literal. Trident lives in Scotland. The keepers of Scotland believe it is safe but perhaps it is not…. Looks like you can mark this as a correct prediction.

An article in The Guardian These include near misses, equipment failures etc. Faslane is home to most British nuclear submarines. When you dream about the future, how do you determine the actually time? I had dreams too about the future it cloudy for me what time it is. Its like someone telling me an story and its like me follow that guy around he tell me specific technical information.

But no date and time.

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