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What Astrology Tells Us About Missing Suits in Tarot Readings with Sally Kirkman | Biddy Tarot Blog

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Astrology 11th August 2019 - by Sally Kirkman Astrologer

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The coming month is a great time to focus on your networks — which is great news for outgoing and sociable Geminis. You might find yourself more in-demand than usual but just embrace it and use the time to communicate with the people in the different areas of your life. Cancerians tend to be at their best when their home life is happy.

So it might be the time to sort out savings and possessions, but also reassess what is important to you on a personal level, in terms of values.

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Your season will follow Leo, so while you wait, why not take this time to relax a little. Seek out opportunities to grow and keep focused on your professional performance. Taking in the world around you is the aim of the game this Leo season.

Soak up everything and everything — that includes reading as much as possible. Partnerships are key for Capricorns this month. Take some time to settle any conflicts with people close to you. Things are stepping up in the relationship department this Leo season, so prepare to feel closer to the people around you. Put extra effort into quality time with loved ones.

It seems this month is a good time to make future plans for all the different areas of your life — be it your career, your body or the people you keep close to you.