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While earlier the main purpose of education was to make a student perfect in grammar an This October, look within yourself to understand your emotions, the reason behind your conduct and the source of your conflicts. This October, remind yourself to always be happy. According to astrologers, there are certain aspects that strongly influence your relationships, and how you behave during such times.

For instance, it is believed that Fire Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, tend to be quite compatible with each Dussehra, the festival which celebrates the victory of good over evil is celebrated on the 10th day of the Shukla Paksha of the month of Ashvin. This year, it falls on October 8. The zodiac is the belt of constellations through which the Sun, the Moon and the planets transit across the sky.

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There are various popular schools of astrology worldwide and significant among these are — Western, Indian, Chinese and Egyptian, etc. Free Daily Horoscopes. Online Astrologers. Dr Deepak Joshi 4. Exp : 20 years 1. Astro Vamsi 4. Exp : 3 years 1.

Guruji Chetan 4. It' true. Now, you can find out fast, anytime, with live astrology chat. Astrology is one of the oldest forms of divination known to humanity. Some date astrology back as far as 4, years ago in ancient Babylon. All astrologers provide readings online, live, via easy to use text chat.

We also NOW offer a number of astrologers you can contact by phone! It has never been easier to chat with live astrologers online. I really love the service of AstroTalk. Astrologers are really skilled and co-operative.

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Customer support team is very active and friendly. I get all answers and have a good conversation with astrologers at a decent price.

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And the predictions are also very accurate. Have been using this for 6 months now. I am an ardent follower of Astrology and getting such a user friendly application in Astrotalk has just made it very easy for me to contact any good astrologer at anytime and release my stress.

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Astrologers do counsel very well. Brilliant app.

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Asked queries from 5 experts, got answer within hours every time and the answer were detailed which no other app provides in this cost. Predictions were quite accurate. And they were available to clear any follow up doubts also. Astrological reports are very detailed and accurate. Had ordered an annual report from 3 different astrologers and the insights I got were really good. AstroTalk has the best astrologers from India and the provide best astrology predictions.

Totally worth the money. Had a wonderful session with couple of astrologers and it was quite satisfying. They listened to me carefully and answered very patiently. Customer support makes life very comfortable as they are always there to support.

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Best experience on any service app from India till date. Tried it out of desperation during bad phase of my life and it really helped as the astrologer listened to my problem like a friend and then assured me that everything will be fine and gave remedies. And when the things are good now, I use it regularly as they made me a believer.