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Chinese Zodiac Dog

If a dog happens to come to a house, it symbolizes the coming of fortune. The invincible God Erlang in Chinese legend used a loyal wolfhound to help him capture monsters.

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Combining the zodiac cycle and the 5-element cycle, people show diverse traits and horoscope. See what kind of Dogs you are. Answers App. Years of the Dog.

Chinese Zodiac: Dog Compatibility With Rabbit

Personality of the Dog. They are not afraid of difficulties in daily life. These shining characteristics make them have harmonious relationship with people around.

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Strengths Valiant, loyal, responsible, clever, courageous, lively Weaknesses Sensitive, conservative, stubborn, emotional See more about Destiny by Birth Month. Love Compatibility of the Dog. Best Matches: Rabbit They are born to be a perfect match. Similar personality traits and common hobbies add much fun to their love relationship. They can understand each other and face difficulties with enough patience. Both of them are not willing to share inner true feelings. The lack of effective communication and trust won't bring a happy and relaxing marriage life.

Year of the Dog - Chinese Zodiac Dog

See more about Chinese Zodiac Sign Compatibility. In general, people of Dog sign will have a year full of competitions in career, wealth and even love life. It would be better for them to maintain the status quo in career and do not involve in unprepared competitions. They are easily satisfied with the simple things in life, never aspiring to wealth and ostentatious surroundings. They are also indefatigable in pursuit of their goals and ambitions, utterly tireless on their trek.

Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Like so many zodiac signs, the Chinese Dogs weaknesses are related to those things that are their strengths. They have high ideals, but are prone to sacrificing too much in their pursuit, especially if the end result will better mankind. They are not precisely frugal with their money, but have little regard for those who live in thick luxury.

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For all their deep ties to people and sensitivity, they are also very emotionally dependent and vulnerable. They also have a problem dealing with decision making. They are also unfortunately predisposed to being critics. Dogs bark a lot, and make no habit of hiding their opinions or sweetening them. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!!

Dog in Love - Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Dog is a dedicated and conscientious worker, always aware of what will best benefit his fellow workers and the company as a whole. They are interestingly big-picture, considering the long term results of their work, and their interactions with everyone involved. Charity work, working as a Doctor, even the priesthood will serve that deeper need of Dog to be in service to improving the lives of others.

The Chinese Dog personality is actively interested in the betterment of their people, and mankind at large. As such you can expect that they will do everything they can to keep their people comfortable, happy, and benefiting from the work they do.

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  • Dog thrives in this position, all the details of being in charge suiting their personality and disposition greatly. They will show aptitude of analyzing their team, and dealing with the concrete day to day tasks of management. Their interest in the benefit and growth of their team will prevent them from them from regarding wealth and its acquisition.

    What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! As a Co-Worker the Dog zodiac is extremely dedicated, knowing that any failing in them will infringe on the ability of the whole team to succeed. That is, and always will be, Dogs first concern, the pack must succeed in order for his purpose in the team to be fulfilled. A young Dog man or woman does have the problem of being a bit of a puppy, happy and exuberant, but not terribly stable. The mature Dog male or female on the other hand will serve as a co-worker nicely, and lead all involved with him towards that always important success.

    Test Now! He understands how the world works and instinctively senses the dangers that lay in wait. Once the rabbit earns the dog's trust, she or he will have a true and loyal companion for life. Nothing and no one can ever seduce the dog away from his true love once he's given his heart. There are other types of relationships for these two signs. These include parent and child, friends and coworkers. Depending on which sign is the parent and which is the child, this relationship could be a rollercoaster ride.

    Both will need to learn how to overcome their shortcomings to keep the lines of communication open. Depending on the roles each play, a workplace relationship can be very fortuitous. This pairing will make an unstoppable career team.

    There is no in-between for these two friends. They are joined at the hip with mutual admiration. Each sees in the other the land attributes they lack. Each recognizes that together they are undefeatable as only true best friends can be.

    They are loyal to a fault and no one can come between this friendship since it is for life. The bond between these two is envious and they fully understand each other. They complement each other and are always there to lend support and encouragement to the other.