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On 11th of June, , Land Reforms Bill was placed for discussion. The protests entered into violent phase from 1st of May, Communist Government responded with around 1,50, detentions, imprisoned and 15 shot dead by the Police.

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History teaches us that if one person being alive becomes responsible for the death of many, that person has no right to live. The Congress Party submitted a memorandum to the central government on 10th of July, This became public on 20th of July, and the Communist Government replied to it on 28th of July, The Government was sacked even when the party in power enjoyed a majority. Morarji Desai noted that Nehru was hesitant in sacking the elected government which was still in majority, but the will of the Congress president prevailed, latter being his daughter, Indira.

This also meant the acceptance of the Church and Muslim league latter was earlier called by Nehru as a dead horse as an important pressure group. Often the past has answers for the present. Sometimes the Past is also a mirror to the present. We all need to look into the past some time to get an honest perspective of the things. Whether or not the current central government can find solace and solution in the history is not for me to say.

This re-reading of history of Kerala tells us that before jumping on the Modi Government on the basis of motivated fake news, let us remember that we might have already escaped the worst dangers of lapsing into tyranny as Plato says every democracy runs the risk of, very narrowly, courtesy the First Family of the Indian National Congress. The attack took place when Mudiyami was having dinner in his house in Palnar, Dantewada.

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He has been admitted to District Hospital and his condition is critical. According to the reports, Mudami was seriously injured in the incident and was quickly rushed to a nearby district hospital for treatment.

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Shortly after the incident, his relatives informed police and rushed him to Dantewada hospital, he said. A search operation has been initiated in the neighbouring areas to locate the attackers, he added. According to Abhishek Pallav, Superintendent of Police, Dantewada, Mudami played a significant role in bringing people in Palnar to the mainstream. This angered the Naxals. The first phase of polls will be held on November 12 covering 18 constituencies across eight Naxal-affected districts namely Bastar, Kanker Sukma, Bijapur, Dantewada, Narayanpur, Kondagaon, and Rajnandgaon.

The remaining 72 constituencies will go to polls on November However, on Friday, two students were evicted from their hostel with immediate effect.

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The institute claims that two students have misrepresented the facts in the sexual harassment case to divert attention. A prominent intellectual who has written extensively on the spiritual decline of Europe that has felicitated such a collapse is Michel Houellebecq. Houellebecq is a controversial French author, often dubbed an Islamophobe, who has critiqued modern European culture and argued that the current liberal European lifestyle is unsustainable.

The lead in the book, Francois, is a melancholic middle-aged professor who does not quite really gel well with the time he has been born into. He leads a meaningless life, without a wife or a family, who just passes from one temporary sexual relationship to another without ever forming an emotional bond with his partner.

The shocking and simple idea, which had never been so forcefully expressed, that the summit of human happiness resides in the most absolute submission. It appears that he believes Islam can discipline the liberal westerners and assist them in leading a more meaningful life, something that Christianity can no longer felicitate. At the end of the novel, Islam eventually takes over France, the order is restored, women are veiled, polygamy is legalized and the high unemployment rate is resolved after women are removed from the workplace and sent into the homes.

The novel ends with the narrator, who was conflicted about converting to Islam, poised to convert with the prospect of a better life, a prestigious job and wives chosen for him. Despite allegations that his novel, Submission, was Islamophobic, he strongly maintains that it was not. Houellebecq has been very sharp in his critique of liberal sexual mores. The effects of these two systems are, furthermore, strictly equivalent.

Just like unrestrained economic liberalism, and for similar reasons, sexual liberalism produces phenomena of absolute pauperization. Some men make love every day; others five or six times in their life, or never. Some make love with dozens of women; others with none. Sexual liberalism is likewise an extension of the domain of the struggle, its extension to all ages and all classes of society.

They were exactly the opposite of Western women, who spent their days dressed up and looking sexy to maintain their social status, then collapsed in exhaustion once they got home, abandoning all hope of seduction in favour of clothes that were loose and shapeless.

According to Houellebecq, Catholics are not regarded by Muslims as their real enemy. They think of Catholics as fellow believers. Catholicism is a religion of the Book.

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The author appears to endorse the idea that secularism is doomed to failure from the very onset. You see less education among women, less hedonism and individualism. And to a large degree, this belief in transcendence can be passed on genetically.

Conversions, or cases where people grow up to reject family values, are statistically insignificant. In the vast majority of cases, people stick with whatever metaphysical system they grow up in. It is argued that unlike materialists, who often turn out to be hedonists, religious people are prepared to make sacrifices to promote and sustain their values.

Sexual liberalism has created a class of men who cannot find sexual partners in an era where monogamy is increasingly on the decline. There have been occasions when mass murders have been committed by men who were sexually frustrated and vehemently angry with the fact that they could not find sexual partners. Jordan Peterson, the clinical psychologist and professor at the University of Toronto, also sympathizes with the notion that the sexual revolution has created classes of losers and winners in the sexual marketplace.

Thus, it appears clear that in an extremely sexually liberal community, a significant portion of men will find themselves unable to satisfy their sexual urges. It can have devastating consequences as a high proportion of sexually frustrated men is deeply problematic for any society. Liberal sexual mores are also associated with low birthrates while sexually conservative societies tend to have more children.

Thus, coming back to the demography argument, liberal sexual mores do appear to be unsustainable in the long term. The government makes the grown-up decisions and we spend our pocket money on our record collection…the long-term cost of welfare is the infantilization of the population. It is important to note that European governments may well have been forced to open the doors for migrants from regions of the world with evidently higher birth rates precisely due to falling birth rates combined with the behemoth welfare state apparatus. To maintain a massive welfare state, you need taxpayers who are going to pay for it.

And in the absence of taxpayers, you have little choice but to import them from other nations.


The narrator often suffers from depression and an aching loneliness. In Submission, the author finds some solace as he looks poised to convert to Islam. Such a description may not be too out of sync with reality. Also, as a matter of fact, studies show that religious societies are more tightly knit, more cohesive, more bound together, all of which are indicators for greater happiness.

Whether a society based on Islamic values will be better for Europeans than the current society based on secular atheistic materialism only time will tell. But it cannot be ignored that Europe currently is in a state of crisis felicitated precisely by progressive values. And although people may disagree with Houellebecq on a variety of issues, the criticisms of secular atheistic materialism he has raised through his works are pertinent enough to raise serious concerns about the dominant social dogma among the intellectual elite all over the West.

The High court had quashed the order of his transit remand issued by a chief metropolitan magistrate. A bench of justices S Muralidhar and Vinod Goel had cancelled the transit as it was not compliant with the basic requirements of law and the Constitution. Following this, a plea challenging the order of the Delhi High Court was filed in the Supreme Court on last Wednesday by the Maharashtra government.

Interestingly, on a day when Supreme Court issued a notice to Gautam Navlakha over his release from the house arrest, the Delhi High Court has initiated a contempt case against the RBI part-time director and Chartered Accountant S Gurumurthy for his articles and tweets against the Delhi HC Judge S Muralidhar, after the latter had ordered the release of Navlakha from the house arrest.

Justice S Muralidhar, the Delhi High Court judge who passed the judgement to free the accused Gautam Navlakha is claimed to be the husband of activist Usha Ramanathan, who has associated with Navlakha in the past with various movements. Congress leader and senior Supreme Court lawyer Kapil Sibal would be a happy man today. The Supreme Court has adjourned hearings in the Ayodhya dispute until January next year. Priests from Ayodhya are upset with the delay and insist that the Court should make arrangements for the speedy resolution of the conflict.

Ayodhya priests object to the delay in RamMandirHearing pic.