Sagittarius horoscope march 24

The weeks ahead are ideal for covering ground and tackling tasks in every area of life, but particularly those that require organisation and a sense of consistency.

Sagittarius Horoscope

Tidy up your work space or tackle admin with patience and resolve. It might be useful to think back to last May 14th May , when this first happened. The sun will be aligned with Saturn, while Mars and the moon will sync with Neptune.

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It might prove a good time to bring order to your space home or office , finances, eating, everything pertaining to your routine and wellness — body, mind and spirit! It could be hard to get what you hope to achieve done on this day, however your efforts are enduring, stable and consistent.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

This is a 5-star day for recognition around your efforts, work ethic and job role, and, also a good day for having emotionally driven conversations; significantly, resilient Mars will make ties to powerful Pluto in your financial zone, while sensitive communicator Mercury will align with serious Saturn around your income and position. You're a firecracker, and you need partners who respect your freedom and independence.

Because Scorpio can be a very suspicious sign and Sagittarius prizes truth, honesty is one of the most important things to you in a relationship. You're very attracted to anyone who is passionate about their work or talents, and you love cheering them on! Fire signs will mirror your intensity and will make fun life partners.

A relationship with a Fire sign is full of steamy intimacy, but could have its fair share of explosive arguments, too! Water signs will provide the affection and connection you're looking for in a committed relationship. They may be more emotional than you need, but their ability to care deeply and their efforts to understand you will make you feel loved beyond measure.

Because you like to do things your own way, others' feelings aren't really a priority to you.

This Week in Astrology: March 24 to March 30, 12222

But how long would you stick around someone who didn't make YOUR feelings important? Hard as it may be, make an effort to put yourself aside once in a while and show the people in your life that they matter.

Ask more questions, listen more attentively, and be more forgiving of mistakes. By Tarot. Astrology , Cusp , Sagittarius , Scorpio. However, not all the changes are good for you.

More Horoscopes for Sagittarius

You will need to analyze whether the change will be good for you in the long run before you decide to go with the flow. You have been eating unhealthy diet for the past few days.

There may also have been frequent dinners outside. Your digestive system is going to suffer today as a result. There may be stomach pain and indigestion. You need to control your diet and increase your water intake in order to recover quickly. You also need to take special care of dental hygiene. Those of you who are single have been making plans for giving a jumping start to their relationship.